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BRITA Maxtra+ Water Filter Cartridges, White, Pack of 3 (UK Version)

from BRITA

BRITA Maxtra+ Water Filter Cartridges, White, Pack of 3 (UK Version) from BRITA

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Model No: 1029990
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You'll easily mistake tap water for fancy bottled water once it's been filtered through a water filter jug fitted with one of Brita's Maxtra Plus Filter Cartridges. They produce cleaner, clearer water that looks, smells and tastes better thanks to their ability to remove odours and impurities such as limescale, metals and chlorine. So kettles, irons and coffee machines filled with MAXTRA+ filtered water suffer less from limescale damage which means they last longer and work better too.

What's Different About MAXTRA+

  • Universal Fit - these upgraded Maxtra+ Filter Cartridges will fit into any age of Brita MAXTRA-compatible filter jug or appliance
  • Mesh is 25% Finer - they've been fitted with an even more impressive filter mesh that's 25% finer than the old versions to capture even more particles from your tap water and ion exchange pearls reduce limescale
  • Easier to Change - new finger holes for easy cartridge exchange, it's so much simpler to get a grip!
  • No Pre-Soaking Required - long-term users of Brita filter jugs will be positively skipping for joy at this news
  • Unique Flow Control - ensures the optimum filtration time for better results

Recommended by the UK Tea Academy - and by tea consumers. 96% agree tea is even better when it's made with MAXTRA+ filtered water

About Brita Filtered Water

A Brita water filter is a good investment for you and for the environment. Producing cleaner, clearer water that tastes and smells nicer to drink, it means you can reduce bottled water usage - saving you money but also helping protect the planet from unnecessary plastic.

It's also good news for your kettle, coffee machine and steam iron as there's less chance of limescale damage when you use filtered water.


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