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Ionic Shower Head Handheld 3way Function Filter Bead Replacement 200% High Pressure, 30% Water Saving

from Rymerce

Ionic Shower Head Handheld 3way Function Filter Bead Replacement 200 High Pressure, 30 Water Saving from Rymerce

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Category: Home Improvement

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Rymerce Ionic Handheld Shower Head 3 Function Filtered 200% High Pressure, 30% Water Saving

Enjoy a home spa experience with 3 different modes to choose from; rainfall, massage and jet. The shower head contains bioactive mineral balls help purify the water and removes chlorine, while the negative ion filter helps to reduce the damage on your skin and hair due to impurities.


- 3 modes: Rainfall, Massage and Jet

- Up to 200% water pressure increase

- Up to 30% water savings

- 2 Stage filter system

- Material: Stainless Steel, Polycarbonate and bioactive mineral stones

- Dimensions: 235mm x 80mm

- Weight: 250g

Why Rymerce?

- Premium Quality

- 12 Month Warranty

- 30 Day money back guarantee

- 24/7 dedicated customer support

Package Contents

1 x Shower Head


Shower Hose Washers (x10)
Shower Head Filter Balls (Replacement Bio-active Stone) - Removes Chlorine, Chloramine & Fluoride,Heavy Metals,Impurities and Bacteria - Softens Hard Water to Rejuvenate Skin and Hair
1.5m Shower Hose with Washers Chrome Replacement Anti-Kink
Ionic Mineral Ball Refill Replacement Pack
Triton 1.75m Anti-Kink Shower Hose - Chrome
WinArrow High Output Universal Replaceable Shower Filter Deep Water Purifier Powerful Remove Chlorine Let Your Hair and Skin Healthier Free Teflon Tape - Chrome
KES Replacement Hand Shower Bracket for Slide Bar Adjustable 18-25MM O.D., Chrome Plated, PB4
H&S 1.75m (69) Stainless Steel Replacement Shower Hose Anti-Kink with 2 Washers - Chrome
pH ENERGIZE 8-Stage Shower Filter Filters Chlorine, Chloramine, Fluoride, Heavy Metals, Bacteria & Viruses Softens Hard Water Increases pH & ORP Easy Installation - Fits Any Shower Head
MX Group 2.0 m Stainless Steel Hi Flow Double Interlock Shower Hose