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TOMY Toomies Foam Cone Factory Preschool Children's Bath Toy

from TOMY

TOMY Toomies Foam Cone Factory Preschool Childrens Bath Toy from TOMY

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Model No: E72378
Availability: dispatched within 24 hours
Minimum Age: 24 months
Category: Toy

Kitchen Outlet Price: £14.99

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Bath times will soon be more like a visit to the seaside. That's because customers are queuing up at the Foam Cone Factory from TOMY. This clever unit pops onto any bathroom wall or the sides of your tub with its suction pads and only needs a little bubble bath and water to operate. Kids can concoct their own pretend ice creams simply by dripping a few drops of bubble bath into the cornet at the top adding water and pulling the lever. They'll love watching as the "ice cream" fluffs and bubbles up in the cone before their eyes! It's magic! Three flat-bottomed cones are designed to sit steadily on the sides of the bath, ready to add pretend sprinkles from the shaker that comes as part of the set. So simple, yet so effective, parents and children will love the look of these. Ideal for distracting children as they get more confident in the water, the Foam Cone Factory will promote collaborative role play and help refine motor skills.


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